Use this "Big&Tall Size Chart" to determine your Big or Tall Size.

"Big Man", "Men's Plus Size", "Big Size". There different names, but they all mean the same: big clothing for big men! But who are "Big" clothing for?As a thumb rule, you should choose big if you are 6'2'' or shorter, and your waist measurement is is equal or larger than your chest should choose tall size if you are 6'4'' and over.


Let us help you determine your size with our Men's Size Chart...

Not sure? Or don't you know what big size that fits you? Please see our Men's Size Chart below...

How to Measure Men's Top Size?

You will need to do take a few boy measurements (chest and waist) to determine your big size. Let us show you how to measure...

Determine men's big size/plus size
Waist: Measure the circumference around your waist. Your waist is simply where you normally wear your slacks.

Chest: Measure circumference around your chest at the fullest part (around nipple-height). Make sure to measure under your arms.

Neck: Measure around the base of you neck. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor.

Men's BIG&Tall Size Chart:

The product has been pre-shrunk during production, so there is no need to worry about shrinkage.

Cotton fabric is only slightly stretchy, please refer to the size chart for your size before purchasing. If you prefer a looser fit, please size up.

Between sizes? If possible, try both sizes on. If that not is possible, choose the bigger size.